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Whatever you want to write, I can help you. I’ve edited and ghostwritten more than thirty non-fiction books and memoirs, helping published authors and first-time writers find their voice, and tell their story. Together, we’ll make your story as compelling as it can be.


Autobiographies and Memoirs

Gift Biography or Memoir

Mental Health Memoirs

Ghostwriting for Publishers

There’s nothing to fear from giving your story to a ghost. I can restructure and refine your work, or write your entire book for you. I’ll take your insights and experiences, add my objectivity and storytelling nous, and give you the book you’ve always wanted to write.


Most writing is an edit or two away from being the best it can be. From an initial editorial assessment, to line editing, and copy editing, I’ll cut the excess, ensure every word works perfectly, and maintain consistency throughout, helping to make your work publication-ready.


For persuasive content that’s got your voice and your USP all over it, your copywriter needs to understand your business and your client base. With an award for plain English, and a pragmatic focus, I’ll help you speak to your customers in ways they’ll respond to.

Thank you for all the support you have shown me both during the months of writing – you were brilliant – and beyond. I am incredibly proud of the final book.

Simon Thomas, author of Love, Interrupted (described as ‘the most moving book of the year’ by the Daily Mail.)

Wanted to pass on my thanks again for all your work in bringing it together - the feedback so far has been fantastic and looking forward to hearing more.

Alex Staniforth, author of Another Peak

People who read early manuscripts and then the final version have said how much better the final version was. I have humbly and graciously credited you for that evolution!

Richard Martin, author of This Too Will Pass

First of all a huge thank you for the book, it is fantastic … I cannot thank you enough Chris for taking me on as one of your authors.

Mark Simmonds, author of Breakdown and Repair

I'm feeling really positive about the book and I love it again - Chris is a really great editor.

Hannah Rainey, author of Life on High Alert

Just brilliant. If we’d not consulted you, we’d still be sitting and thinking about what needed to be said – rather than having it all written and complete.

Richard Bishop

This new version is great! Thank you so much for all your help with this - we could not have done it without you.

Katherine Dawson